Surgical treatments of the feet with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, cause patients to stop using Dafos.

I am very surprised about every time I read a news, about the use of Dafo type orthoses, like the one you can see in this photo, for the treatment of the club foot or cavus varus feet by Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Both in pediatric and adult patients. And the surprising thing is that this type of treatment is still being applied in many developed countries. As the only option these patients have to walk normally. I think it is not known that Dafos not only, do not correct the deformity, but in most cases they produce an atrophy of the muscles of the leg that still work and scrapes with calluses on the skin, which in many people causes pain to walk. In the 21st century the modern surgical treatments of the feet with Charcot-Marie-Toot, cause patients to stop using Dafos.

Return to walking with stability, with the alignment of the corrected feet and above all make a balance of the muscles of the foot , so that they do not trip or fall. This is achieved with the techniques of modern Neuro-Orthopedics, which applies these principles of treatment of neurological feet. I think that in the second decade of the twenty-first century, they are surpassed, by little useful, techniques as the fix or arthrodesis of ankle joint,  or fix the interphalangeal joint of the first toe, to correct the claw toes.

Patients such as this 21-year-old boy, who had a cavus varus feet with claw toes by Charcot-Marie-Tooth. He had very limited life to walk or to be able to develop a physical activity according to his age. Neither physical therapy nor Dafo treatments corrected their problem. We operate on both feet, stabilizing his feet, so that when supported not twisting. We align them correctly to make them plantigrade and above all we transfer several tendons to the dorsum of the foot, so that this one rises when it walks.

Over the months, the muscles that were not affected have been gaining strength and allow him to walk normally, wearing shoes that he can buy in a large warehouse. As you can see in the videos, his feet have radically changed appearance and walks without problems, actively moving his feet so that he does not trip when walking.

Ankle fusion, is not the best solution for patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth¡To Tweeter!

I recommend taking a step forward and applying the surgical techniques developed in European countries such as Spain or Germany. To abandon treatments that many times from my experience treating patients with neurological disease are not effective. I say this with all my respect for those who use them daily. From the experience we have at the IICOP in Madrid, it is possible to state that the surgical treatments of the feet with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, cause patients to stop using Dafos.

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